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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Gay super hero game for Iphone and ipad

A Gay super hero game for Iphone and ipad
Staff Writter

No the game's hero is not called Gay Blade to closet freak. Klicrainbow comes out into the market with “SuperGay & the Attack of his ExGirlfriends”, the first videogame about a gay superhero, available for Apple platforms: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Inspired by the comic books, SuperGay has an original script that runs a unique adventure through a motion comic narrative. The game follows the rhythm of an original soundtrack with a blockbuster style. The added value for SuperGay consumers is that it provides great entertainment and funny gameplay.

To help SuperGay achieve the 32 game levels, the user will be immersed in amazing world of fun mini games, whilst he or she should eliminate the clone army to stop an imminent nuclear war. The game presents many challenges and different mechanisms: infiltration levels, dancing, skill puzzles, dynamic chases and action, lots of action.

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