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Monday, June 6, 2011

Are Wayne Curry and Rushern Baker involved in a pay to play too

Are Wayne Curry and Rushern Baker involved in a pay to play too
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The cab industry is grind and some say it is not far but, if you want to work you own hours, play on an almost level playing field meet people and start your own business,this game is for you . If you wonder how things work in the cab industry, this article will give you the in's and out's of the cab industry and the relation to politics.

Say, you cannot keep job, find a job and have little to no skills or just need some extra money. Legal hacking maybe for you but remember the rules.

Rule one being a cab driver is cash based business much like a street corner drug dealer. The low level drug dealer looking and observing everything and changing his game as the animals in the jungle change while networking to make that money.

Due to the fact that it is a cash business and with very little receipts , the money can be sweet. The only problem is everyone knows that you have money. For example, in my experience with cash based business, you have to pay every one either under the table or over the table.

The way you get into the cab business is to first take a physical , have a background check to see if you have warrants or a sex offender and, you next take the exam and must have a driver license after you visited your local regulator agency for driving cabs.

Once you do that , you get your hack license and go down to the your local cab owner and rent from him or her. Why rent? I will tell you second part later.

Now, you are in the game. The next thing you have to learn is the streets and , on a day to day, you will learn fast. For example, in PG County Maryland , you have pay the cab fixit shop man to repair your cab but , it is more like tip to him. You already rent the cab, therefore, all repairs are covered. As you move from city to city, you will notice this rule is the same . Yes, this is rule two. To move ahead in the hustle, you have to pay to play.

The last rule to always maximize you profit. You do this by not renting. This part of the game is not passed to many in it already. If you have your own car and use as a cab, your rent is less but, you are still not maximizing your profits. You need an independence licenses. In some places, this is like gold.

In PG County the independence starts of with a lottery for like say 400 bucks but , you can resale it to someone else with a valid hack license for 5k and up . The lottery happens once every 10 to 20 years.

In MOCO aka Montgomery County, MD, this same freedom is about the same maybe a little more but the resale on the street is 60k. Yes, you have to pay to play.

Say if you get lucky and get 3 of these in PG county and rent the computer box from "BOB". If you in the cab game, you know who bob is. You are starting to maximize your profits because you can now rent cabs your self and slowly build a business.

The American Dream is the your best dream but Ice Cube said , "If I can sell you the American Dream, I can sell you anything. " I love that statement.

An document about various political involved players in PG County Maryland has been floating around the internet. The document is saying something about pay to play. Well, the details of the document is just information for you to make a call on but remember the rules and remember people can change the rules. If you want to see the information, you should click the link below .

pdf document http://dmvblogspot.bloggieblog.com/4261/4261.html
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