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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Did 50 cent checks for Beanie Sigel stop?

Did 50 cent checks for Beanie Sigel stop?
Staff Writter

According to Hiphopmusicdotcom, Beanie Sigel wants to end the problems that he has with Jay Z. Before this reach out to Jay Z, Sigel was allegedly down with G Unit. G Unit is the brand that 50 cent setup and wrote the checks for the artist and employees that worked there.

Sigel made the following statement.

“What Mike Epps say? ‘Gangstas fuck up too,’” Sigel exclusively told XXLMag.com over the phone, while in his native Philadelphia today (May 31). “Whatever I felt this dude Jay did wrong to me, it can’t outweigh the one thing he did do for me â€" he gave me an opportunity. Dude gave me an opportunity. A lot of people don’t get opportunities. He gave me that. That outweighs everything. I need that in black and white. I got caught in the moment and put my feelings out there. I should have never done that.”

The internet is awaiting the next statement from somebody in hip hop

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