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Friday, May 20, 2011

TLC Extreme Coupon thief

TLC Extreme Coupon thief
Staff Writter

If you have been watching Extreme Coupons on TLC, you have learned alot about shopping for a deal. One good thing about television is people will always love to be seen.

One of the participates on the show has a past. During this past, she and her husband were acting as pastors or church administrators when this sin was committed.

You may ask. What was the sin. The sin was breaking an entry and stealing. Here are the details of the situation.

The coupled live in near a neighbor that took a long trip but, the neighbor's home got foreclosed. When the neighbor return, they found out about the foreclosure and they found items missing and smashed in backdoor.

Later , the neighbor found out that the coupon thief couple had talking a rug , tv and some coupons. The neighbor found out because she saw the items in the coupon thief's home and, coupon lady said they would return the items that were stolen but to this day . The couple has not returned anything.

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