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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Did Go Go Super Star Miss Kim throw shade on Free?

Did Go Go Super Star Miss Kim throw shade on Free?
Staff Writter

Ok, My man told me he was out ok at the local event in the DMV called the WGPC birthday bash. Alot of celebrity from around the country come threw to take part in the event.

Well, Free, who sometimes does the radio thing, was there and hosting for WPGC a CBS radio station. She was taking pictures and stuff. Yes, it is rare for "Free" the 106 and Park aka BET legend to take pics but, she did.

Yeah , Yeah, where was I. Oh Yeah , Free was there taking pictures and, this other hottie walked up . The other hottie was Ms Kim . Ms. Kim is Go GO super star in the DMV or some might say a GO GO hook singer but, it is what is its.

Well, based on the video below. Ms Kim walked in like a moon and created some shaded on Free photo event.

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