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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Did Extreme coupon members break the code?

Did Extreme coupon members break the code?
Staff Writter

You want to save money. You want to beat the system. You want to live the American dream. In the words of Ice Cube the rapper,"If I can sell you the American Dream, I can sell you anything. " In short, all we want to do is survive in this capitalist society that is hard , rough and comfortable for those that make it.

One way to make it in America is to save or cut your cost. Many Americans use coupons or should we say the secret society of mini van babes. In America, everything is marketable. For example, TLC has a show called extreme coupons.

Extreme Coupons shows regular everyday mini van mom meat doing what they do in an extreme fashion. The cast has master the art of using coupons in the stores by hook or crook. The cast on the show has paid 1000 food bills with no more them 5 dollars after using their coupon stagey.

There is nothing wrong with this but, the secret society of coupon users are raising hell on the rebel highway aka the internet. They have talked about the un lawful acts that various cast members have done , talked about the show telling all the secrets and the stores are adjusting and letting everyone in the game without paying any dues.

Extreme Coupons has shine light on the secret world of the great coupon exchange lifestyle.

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