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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Does Tami Roman really have a man ?

Does Tami Roman really have a man ?
Staff Writter

Rumors are starting to swirl around the internet about Tami Roman of basketball wives on VH1. The rumor is stating that Roman does not have a man. Although Roman's image on Basketball Wives shows alot of fights and drama, men in the world can still deal with her and, this should not lead people to believe otherwise. The gay rumors have not surfaced but, if she don't get a ball and bat on her arm soon. Gay rumors may start next.

People are basing the rumors on the lack of a relationship of any kind other then her kids being shown on the show. If you notice, Evelyn is freaking, Royce is dropping dudes left and right, Shaunie has boy toys, Meeka is married or something with some dude , Jennifer is internet popping, and Suzie is partying.

Roman recently did an interview at some random website about her current relationship but no paps pictures or video of dude just posted words.

" The type of man I’m interested in dating: I have found him! [He is] intelligent, strong, career-minded, goal-oriented, financially stable, committed to family, has a strong moral foundation, loves me, my kids and GOD. I couldn’t ask for a better mate, a better friend at this time of my life. He is perfect for me and to me." from www.cocoacure.com

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