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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Put urban youth back to work

Put urban youth back to work
Staff Writter

"The National Urban League has been building momentum as we travel around the nation on our Jobs Rebuild America Tour. This momentum will carry through to this year's annual conference to help empower communities to change lives while considering the broader, disproportionate impact the recession is having and how we can speed its recovery through events like this and through the 12 points in our Jobs Rebuild America plan," said Marc H. Morial, President and CEO of the National Urban League.

Endorsed by WorkplaceDiversity.com, the National Urban League's 12-Point Plan, recommends the following for communities across the country:

Restore the Summer Youth Jobs Program

Create 100 urban jobs academies

Develop a national public-private jobs initiative

Boost minority participation in information technology and communications industries

Reform, revise and reauthorize the federal Workforce Investment Act

Create Green Empowerment Zones

Expand small business lending

Initiate tax reform

Establish and promote multilateral international trade policies

Enact the Urban Jobs Act

Create an Urban Homesteading Program

Fund direct job creation

While emphasizing its 12 Point Plan, the National Urban League also hosts live online web chats about the national's Employment Report the first Friday of every month, calling attention to upcoming job tours, as well as to the many resources available on the websites of the National Urban League, WorkplaceDiversity.com, UrbanLeagueJobsNetwork.com IamEmpowered.com: www.nul.org, www.workplacediversity.com, www.urbanleaguejobsnetwork.com, and www.iamempowered.com.

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