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Friday, July 8, 2011

More women like Casey Anthony has started new Reality TV show

More women like Casey Anthony has started new Reality TV show
Staff Writter

I Wanna Be On®, the innovative social media research and production company, is joining the national debate on the recent Casey Anthony verdict with some informative entertainment programming.

Vincent Presti, a practicing attorney, has been closely following the case and believes that the Casey Anthony phenomenon is not an isolated incident. Over the last year, he has accumulated numerous stories from husbands, boyfriends, and families that have suffered from women, like Casey Anthony, that appear to play victim to garner sympathy, while they are operating as the real victimizers.

Vincent Presti is currently casting subjects for a feature documentary, entitled "What Was I Thinking?," that explores how women that suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder and other mental conditions have ruined unsuspecting spouses and entire families. In addition, I Wanna Be On® has been negotiating with two cable networks about a new reality series exploring dysfunctional marriages and partnerships with young children that is being pitched as "16 and Pregnant" meets "Jerry Springer" with a "Judge Judy" twist.

According to Presti, the lead producer on these projects:

"These productions represent an important opportunity to educate families and unsuspecting daters about the pitfalls and dangers in getting involved with an unstable person. I really feel dating has become a blood sport and successful individuals, whether male or female, could easily fall prey to disasters beyond their wildest imagination. The Casey Anthony verdict is just an extreme example that justice can hardly ever be found in these circumstances and the best defense against such tragedies is to know the warning signs and avoid them. Regardless of the commercial success of these projects, I Wanna Be On® wants to educate others to avoid such relationship pitfalls."

I Wanna Be On® is currently in post-production on a psychological thriller with the working title, "Spirit Time Hunter."

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