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Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Bin Laden Book by alleged Navy Seal:Conspiracy theory

New Bin Laden Book by alleged Navy Seal:Conspiracy theory
Staff Writter

If you have not been under a rock, you have heard that a top Navy Seal solider has written a book. You have heard that this seal talks about the operation to capture or kill Bin Laden and the training that led up to the event. Although the mainstream press has confirmed this story, do you believe it ?

Do you believe an individual that signed legal documents has published a book so fast? Do believe a Navy Seal has exposed his identity on a high profile operation? Well, lets look at the what if

What if the author was at the Bin Laden compound but, they were not American? What if the author is telling the story from a different point view?

The question cannot be answered in detail but, the some logical conclusion can be. For example, if you have been in this country long enough, you know that a secret is a secret. I only know seals that are in the 50's and old not young. Although their traits have been identified,you will never get a confirmation. Unless, you are cleared.

Ok, you ask about the counter information. The fact that a publisher has published, the news has pressed the story and the interview. This can be broken down in parts.

The publisher is the Penguin Group and keep in mind anyone publish a book on Amazon. The Penguin Group is based in London. The first red flag about the true author of the book.

The press has gotten behind this book. Well, you scratch my back, I scratch your back. If you control information flow, you can take peoples minds of other questions.

The hidden identity of the seal. With the internet , a person in the military and their real name, it is not too hard to find them with or with out a disguise.

Well, you be the judge of the true author of this new book about Bin Laden death due to a Navy Seal operation


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