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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Is China the new Global Hoe?

Is China the new Global Hoe?
Staff Writter

If you have been living under a rock, you may not have noticed that China and their economy growth seems to be a problem to some. For example, their demand for oil, their demand for new companies and their growth in exports to other countries. This growth is a blessing to those who can take advantage of it.

History always repeats itself but, you have to find the repeat sometimes. The world has been totally colonized and exploited for raw resources mostly by Europe up to now. In fact , if you look deep into history, you will see one continent exporting their people into other areas to avoid over crowding and developing economic opportunities. Practices like these are done until market shares dry up.

Another way to generate revenue in the world economy is to build up countries , create a demand and work the game for another 500 years. China is the new bitch on the corner and , she is going to turn a profit.

Many people are upset with all the companies that China is buying in a capitalist market place. This could be part of the pimp game. You still have to make profitable after you purchase a company. In most cases that China has purchased companies, those market places have tapped out. For example, China has purchased large movie theaters outlets, but reports from the previous owners say profits were good but sales were down over a timeline. The timeline in years. China saw the purchase as chance to expand their theaters in their country because the demand is growing. In conclusion, the only reason China purchase the American theaters was to expand their market place of their movies and to expand their theaters in their own country while the previous owners cut their loses and wait for the next profit maker.

While owning these theaters in the US and other places in the world, one still has to turn a profit in a capitalist society otherwise you will be out of business. In a non capitalist society, the profit may not be the bottom line.

Although China is exporting many products and turning some parts of the world into a consumer, they are importing ideas of the consumer that will turn larger profits for the capitalist. For example, the more cars China buys. The more gas China will need. The more homes that are built. The more the need for other resources. The more China becomes like the West in lifestyle. This gives the true capitalist a better bitch and crack head to pimp.


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