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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ginuwine own Brother makes fun of him being a dead beat DAD

Ginuwine own Brother makes fun of him being a dead beat DAD
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If you have not heard by now, one of Ginuwine's own kids called him out over the internet. At this point in time, people don't know the teenager's state of mind but, people do know Ginuwine's older brother state of mind.

People over at streetroachpics.com like to refer to James Lumpkin III aka stjamesIII as Jimmy Pillow talk. Many people don't know that James Lumpkin has been working on an album since 1999 and , he also has a documentary movie that is coming out. The movie reference Pillowtalk's life and times as he lived in Ginuwine's shadow.

Recently, on facebook, Pillowtalk made a satire reference to Ginuwine and him being a dead beat DAD.

Lets start off with a twitter rant from Ginuwine's daughter

We can now finish up with a facebook timeline post by Pillowtalk.


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