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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Master Robert Bloom don't have a clue about Child Support

Master Robert Bloom don't have a clue about Child Support
Staff Writter

It is a painful situation to many non custodial parents to here people talk about child support but, the topic of mis-management of collection in relationship to child support, non representation of civil rights and just plain illegal activity in the child support system never comes up.

People talk about the same issues. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl do it and , a baby is the out come. No one talks about child support collection and the illegal activity that takes place in the Baltimore City office of child support and more then likely across the county in other offices of child support collection.

Master Robert Bloom and others did an interview on a radio show talking about child support as it is a perfect entity of operation. Blooms needs to talk about the many flaws and problems with child support collection in relationship to the non custodial parents.


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