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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Does Sheronda Dunlap know about Baltimore City Child support at all ?

Does Sheronda Dunlap know about Baltimore City Child support at all ?
Staff Writter

Well, Child support the new American social past time. If you live in the state Maryland and in particular Baltimore City and , you are a non custodial parent, your past time is robbed by the office of Baltimore City Child support enforcement. An office that has no respect of your civil rights as a human being.

Sheronda Dunlap is representing the state of Maryland in this radio interview. Her operation is to establish parental custody but, the parents have not filed child support. What is the need for this activity or service if the parents have not filled child support yet.

One may say this is a early capture tacit. Child support is need in most modern civilization. Along with child support, non custodial parents rights needs to be protected too with good management of money and collection efforts.

If you see Dunlap coming and you are a non custodial parent, you need ask her will the count be correct at the end of the year and can your IRS tax offset report be pull at anytime to prevent you from having to pay of a lawyer to correct the wrongs of collections.

Sheronda Dunlap talks about her role in child support and parents


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