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Monday, July 16, 2012

People of Baltimore City and surrounding areas wants Robert Clay case reopen

People of Baltimore City and surrounding areas wants Robert Clay case reopen
Staff Writter

Robert Clay was a famous business man and activist. He made millions as a contractor servicing Baltimore City. With his money, he became a Mason, ran for political office against the current Mayor of Baltimore fathers which caused great drama, funded many members of the Democrat party, started Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) , and opened 32nd Street Plaza. source Clay even had a street named after him in the city of Laurel, MD.

With all this on Clay's resume, Clay's death has turned into a conspiracy theory. For example, the criminal investigators at that time ruled his death a suicide but, people that knew Clay stated he was not the type of person to have suicide thoughts.

The gun shot wound in Clay's head was questioned and the gun was stolen from Fredrick , MD. When Clay's body was found , he was laying on top of the gun. The investigation has a laundry list of items that made people think twice about the suicide facts. source

Through all this drama, A smoking document has appeared. This document relates to the arrest of a guy from an accounting firm. This man plead guilty to tax fraud and worked on Robert Clay's books. No one is saying that Ashok Thakur did anything to Clay but, was he ever a person of interest. Ashok Thakur lived in Germantown , MD . source
source http://dmvblogspot.bloggieblog.com/4513/4513.html

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