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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Is WPFW radio about to be sold

Is WPFW radio about to be sold
Staff Writter

Reports are going the around the internet about WPFW and the Pacifica Network. WPFW is a community based radio station that had to sell out to the network style of doing business awhile back.

Pacifica was the network. Pacifica is a large public radio network that is not for profit but, Pacifica and WPFW are facing problems.

According to DCRTV.com, there is $564,000 bill that needs to be paid. To add fuel to the fire, the building that WPFW is housed in is being demolition. I tell you, first WPFW was in DC's Chinatown and got kicked out there due to gentrification and ,now, they are in the same situation with Adams Morgan.

The word on the street is Pacifica has equity in those FM signals and some commercial radio outlets are just waiting to put their money on the table.

If you want the full details of the situation, you may want to read this article source


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