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Saturday, September 8, 2012

James Joseph Mouzon hot new tracks

James Joseph Mouzon hot new tracks
Staff Writter

James Joseph Mouzon Jr Born on March 3 1989 in Philadelphia Pennsylvannia was lucky enough to be surrounded by Musically inclined family members . His Mother Hannah Marie ( Current vocal mentor) noticed his potiential at his early years of childhood and encouraged him to join church and school choirs. It wasnt until his freshman year of high school that his oldest brother Inspired him to learn the piano and begin writing songs.He then entered a few talent shows. In 2007 his music teacher gave him the rare opportunity of teaching and covering his high school choir classes. By the end of his highschool life he had composed 14+ classical based instrumental and learned how to play the tuba and drums. In 2008 he released his first amateur recording "want you back" featuring a high school Mate Hiren. After the feedback recieved J became addicted to mastering his sound and progressing with his music.


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