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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Recap:Love and hip hop ATL esp1

Recap:Love and hip hop ATL esp1
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Although the show appears a little scripted, the show has not reached train wreck status yet. The drama is bubbling but not off the train tracks.

Basically, there was some character introduction along with some normal baby mom drama and flash back drama. For example, the show re hashed the life and love times of Lil Scrappy along with his baby mother and his mother.

Way back when Lil Scrappy had a career , he was messing with some fellow label female artist that turned him out aka p!ussy whipped him and then dumped him for a dude with a bigger pay check. Lil Scrappy character in the show comes off as a Ghetto Knight. He has all the features for the part of Knight but , his heart was stomp on.

Lil Scrappy went back to his baby mother but kept his baby mother on stand by. He took the other chic back for a min. Once Knight Scrappy mother caught hold of the situation,she put ended the relationship by her motherly methods.

LiL Scrappy mother is a ex pimp and gangster that is on some type of medication. Lil Scrappy baby mother may not have job but, Erica Dixon background information is still developing. Dixon comes from a large family and her mother allegedly was on drugs. This the typical stereotype story in the show which sells to a mainstream view.

Moving forward, we have the typical industry chics trying to making it into the game but using the same ole industry games. For example, Stevie J is allegedly using all the benefits of being a big time producer to sell the dream to an female artist name Joseline Hernandez.

To me, Joseline Hernandez put some roots on dude cause he is tripping of Hernandez p!uzzy powers. Most dudes keep their dirty in the closet but , Stevie J keeping it on Main Street. Joseline Hernandez has come between him and Mimi just by wearing some booty shorts and some caked up make up. Some how and some way , Mimi has not cutt Hernandez and Stevie J.

By the Way, no one knows if Mimi has job or not.

UnLike Joseline Hernandez, Karlie Redd got a little further with her industry looks and woman powers. She allegedly is affiliated with LA Reids' son . Redd had a modeling career in the past and manages some of her own companies but , the profit margin is unknown at this point. At this point in her career, it is who Redd knows and not who she blows in the game that has facilitated her up to now.

K Michele tells her said story that has occurred many times in the game. Artist meets manager. Mangers seems to make it happen for artist. Artist gets beat. Literally ,beat , a beat azz and beat out her money. Label does not care and artist leaves label or gets dumped.


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