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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Long time Philly radio DJ dies:Brian Carter

Long time Philly radio DJ dies:Brian Carter
Staff Writter

Radio history is amazing sometimes. Although the main focus in this story is based on the legacy of Brian Carter, the back drop of this story is Wendy Williams , bullying , gay marriage , teens and gay bashing. Brian Carter died of a heart attack. Please get your blood pressure check or get a check. He as only 56?

A long time ago ,when Wendy Williams was a side kick, people accused Williams of being gay person hater and a bully due to her calling various people out in the community for being gay. If you recall, Williams has a side kick on one of her headlined radio show that threw gay parties.

Did Wendy Williams hire this producer to be the show's token gay community guy? If this was his purpose, this allowed Williams to continue her tactics with out anyone saying anything.


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