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Monday, March 26, 2012

Does the child support system rob non custodial parents?

Does the child support system rob non custodial parents?
Staff Writter

People asks questions about the current child support system across America all the time. One major question is about fairness in the system to non custodial parents.

Everyone knows the current child support system supports the custodial parent in mamy ways. While the non custodial parent's civil rights are not protected. There are too many examples to list.

One area of concern to the modern non custodial parent is related to child support guide lines. The guide lines for determining the support amount is a matrix used in the United States. The matrix is flawed.

The matrix allows the factoring of over time. Over time is temporary income and should not be factored. One reason not to factor overtime in the formula is because this boost the income of the non custodial parent. After this done, the non custodial parent is left paying a higher amount then normal.

The personal that runs this day to day operation of child support know it is unfair to factor in overtime but, they do it anyway.

The best thing a non custodial parent can do before being reviewed by the guide lines of child support is to bring pay stubs with no over time on them.


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